Collection of white wine minis packs

The best way to taste all our vinegars

Did you like them all and you don’t know which one to choose?

A new format for enjoying small portions of Castell de Gardeny. Our miniatures are available in two stylish cases that bring together our varieties of red wine and white wine vinegars respectively in 40ml bottles.

You will find

The vinegars in this pack are:

Apple, with a milder acidity than wine vinegar
Chardonnay with its unmistakable fruity flavour, reminding us of the wine from which it comes
Cava, with its prominent intense flavour
Riesling with a bittersweet flavour, with fruity notes and a delicate acidity
Muscat with a distinctive bittersweet flavour and balanced acidity

= Presentation =
5 Glass bottles of 40ml

Samuel BoucherCollection of white wine minis packs