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History and uses of vinegar throughout the millennia

The history of vinegar is fascinating and takes us on a long journey through time, from preserved foods in ancient Mesopotamia to contemporary culinary delights such as romesco sauce. Its origin goes back millennia: the first references date back to 5,000 BCE, when the first alcoholic beverages appeared, including the first drinking vinegars. We can

Vinaigrettes to make you look like a pro chef

Our bittersweets are versatile vinegars that can be used in a plethora of different ways, including the creation of different vinaigrettes. If that sounds of interest to you, grab a pen and paper, make yourself comfortable and get ready to take notes! You could use our Riesling bittersweet to knock up a Mediterranean-style vinaigrette that

Our lots and sweet and sour chocolates: a Christmas with history and flavour

This Christmas, we want to travel through time and share with you the history of Badia Vinagres and our family. From 1925 until the 1970s, three different generations -our great-grandfather, our grandfather and our father- would go to deliver in the towns around Mollerussa. This year, we want to gift you with this tradition in

Walk with Badia Vinagres and give your feet an acidly refreshing touch

Did you know that at Badia Vinagres, we have a handbook of potions with vinegar for body care? The thing is, this so-typical household product bears natural properties which can also be used to treat our hair or feet. Today we’ll discuss the benefits of apple vinegar for our feet, information which could prove quite

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Discovering the power of feedback: the Badia Vinagres Focus Group

We firmly believe in the importance of listening to our customers and constantly evolving to offer them the best possible experience. This is why, recently, we ran a focus group at the Badia Vinagres facilities, a valuable marketing tool designed to gather direct information from our customers and possible customers. We held two sessions with

Badia Vinagres is suitable for coeliacs and the gluten-sensitive

In general, vinegar is a product suitable for people with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity. It is made from plant-based products which contain sugars or starchy substances. Although most vinegars are gluten-free, occasionally, due to their manufacturing process or origin (malt vinegar), they may contain gluten. Other possible exceptions include certain flavoured vinegars which may

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Don’t let appearances lead you astray: appreciate vinegar dregs

On the labels of our vinegars you’ll read ‘May produce natural sediments’. We’ll tell you why! If some time after buying your vinegar you see a possibly strange-looking substance, don’t throw it out! Just the opposite: appreciate it, as it represents a synonym of natural product, of living product. This sediment, called vinegar dregs, is

Passionately brewing vinegar since 1908

Badia Vinagres is a century-old family company with five generations of tradition behind it. As vinegar brewers in constant evolution since 1908, our way of working is the result of combining the inheritance of over a century of artisanal experience with the most cutting-edge technology and the perfection of our production systems. We are passionate

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