Badia and Gardeny: two brands, one family

Five generations of Badia Vinagres have given their all. We have been making artisanal vinegars for more than a hundred years and we make every endeavour to offer you the most traditional flavours with a unique seal of authenticity.

In recent years, thanks to our experience, passion and innovation, we have included new flavours that define us perfectly. The most traditional vinegars, such as apple vinegar or traditional wine vinegar, bear our Badia seal, and the most innovative vinegars and bittersweets are part of our range Gardeny. They are two different concepts, but they have been created at the same factory.

Our line of Badia vinegars is like a journey towards our roots and traditions. Every drop of these vinegars connects us with more than one hundred years of artisanal experience. Badia vinegars are an expression of our territory and our dedication to offering you the best. The Badia range, made up of the most traditional flavoured vinegars, such as traditional organic wine vinegar and organic apple cider vinegar, enriches our more everyday preparations.

On the other hand, the Gardeny family of vinegars is a universe of discovery and culinary innovation. It is made up of a wide range of vinegars and bittersweets with surprising flavours that whisk us away to a world of infinite gastronomic possibilities. These vinegars are designed for the most demanding palates and the most creative cuisines, offering a unique, exciting experience. It is the perfect choice for experimenting with new combinations and flavours. At present, the Gardeny range is made up of more than a dozen balsamic vinegars and bittersweets which won’t leave you unmoved.

As we have already explained to you in previous publications on our blog, when we talk about balsamic vinegar we are referring to a very delicate product with a subtle sweetness that only contains two ingredients: wine and grape must. It is the preferred choice for those palates looking for a touch less acidity. On the other hand, bittersweets are food condiments with an acidity below 6%, which means that they cannot be called vinegars, technically, but they fulfil the same function. They are designed for those people who are not lovers of overly acidic flavours, but who want to give a surprising touch to their dishes.

Whether you opt for the tradition and authenticity of Badia vinegars or the daring and innovation of Gardeny vinegars, experiment and be seduced by the sophistication of our products.

MarketingBadia and Gardeny: two brands, one family

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