The female legacy of Badia Vinagres: Women who have preserved our family tradition

We are proud to be the fifth generation in charge of our family business which has been operating in the vinegar industry for more than a century. We are Judit and Marta, two passionate sisters who are proud of our family’s achievements and who feel a deep connection to our roots and the legacy left by previous generations.

To mark International Women’s Day, we want to express our deep admiration for the women who have formed part of our business over the years and whose roles, while not principal, were vital for the smooth operation of Badia Vinagres.

We would like to begin by talking about our mother, Ester Costa. She is an energetic woman who has devoted her body and soul to her children, her house and her own business. What’s more, she has been, and remains, a fundamental pillar for Badia Vinagres. We must also dedicate a few words to our aunt Maite, who also worked for the family business and charmed the whole town.

It warms our hearts to talk about our grandmother, Anna María Martí, who raised four children including our father, Agustí Badia. She was the family’s backbone, taking charge of the house’s upkeep and the children’s upbringing. Our great aunt Mundeta, who had to run her own business while being responsible for the housekeeping, was another key individual in this third generation of women. Our grandmother and great-aunt also devoted themselves to the family company when needed. 

Our great-grandmother, Treseta Carrera, supported a family of six children. Not only did she take care of her parents until the very last moment, but she was also in charge of housekeeping and organising the family business. By looking back at previous generations, we can appreciate the importance of women in all the successful businesses whose visible face was, and still is, a man. All these women have been crucial in keeping family businesses like Badia Vinagres running. We must also highlight the role of Maria Polo in this second generation of women, who was like a second grandmother to us. Besides the housekeeping, she was also in charge of supporting and maintaining the vinegar factory.

Our great-great-grandmother Anna Vilà was a crucial figure in the creation of the business. Starting up a business as a woman and devoting yourself to both your family and company must not have been easy in the early 20th century.

We are grateful for your dedication, your efforts and your unconditional love. You are a vital part of our history and our present, and we will always remember you fondly.

Thank you wholeheartedly. You are a source of inspiration.

Judit and Marta Badia

MarketingThe female legacy of Badia Vinagres: Women who have preserved our family tradition