Passionately brewing vinegar since 1908

Badia Vinagres is a century-old family company with five generations of tradition behind it. As vinegar brewers in constant evolution since 1908, our way of working is the result of combining the inheritance of over a century of artisanal experience with the most cutting-edge technology and the perfection of our production systems.

We are passionate about what we do and it shows in our products. We devote body and soul to producing maximum-quality handcrafted vinegars with the best – and always local – raw materials. Maintaining our small family company values is the true key to the quality of our products. Our way of being and doing allows us to cultivate each individual vinegar and bittersweet. Vinegar is an extraordinary product with which we aim to conquer taste buds around the world. Every variety has its own aromas, textures and nuances which allow us to experiment and create authentic culinary experiences. Dare to become a vinegar gourmet?

Traditionally innovative

Every generation of Badia Vinagres has contributed to the project in its own way; we’ve even combined artisanal vinegar production with a liqueur factory! The current generation’s grandfather Agustí and father began to specialise the company in vinegar. With the collaboration of the Faculty of Oenology at Rovira i Virgili University in Tarragona, the father Agustí Badia made important discoveries in the field of research which have allowed us to add new and innovative flavours to our catalogue. With the creation of a previously nonexistent product, the Gardeny brand was born, with a high position in the market. Judit and Marta, the fifth generation of Badias, joined the family business in 2006 and 2011, respectively. They are two passionate and endlessly curious people whose DNA is laced with the need to innovate and to disseminate the passionate world of vinegar. From this new generation of Badias at the head of the family business, we expect to hear very surprising proposals and bring vinegar closer to the world. 

Currently, we have a dozen vinegars of very different kinds on the market, as well as four bittersweets. Their traditional and innovative flavours are the fruit of our passion for vinegar, the knowledge acquired over decades and our constant desire to innovate. We want to show the world that vinegar is a fascinating product, as is good wine. In fact, our motto is “From good wine, good vinegar” and with it we aim to showcase our product, not only for its quality, but also for the opportunities it offers us. We brew vinegars and bittersweets with the best organic wines of the Mediterranean.

From the typical plastic bottle of wine vinegar you’ve surely all had at home, to the creation of our brand Gardeny and its recent evolution, there is over a century of work, perseverance and patience. We do our job with passion and respect for the magic of that which possesses history and tradition.

We set ourselves no limits. Do you?

MarketingPassionately brewing vinegar since 1908