Don’t let appearances lead you astray: appreciate vinegar dregs

On the labels of our vinegars you’ll read ‘May produce natural sediments’. We’ll tell you why!

If some time after buying your vinegar you see a possibly strange-looking substance, don’t throw it out! Just the opposite: appreciate it, as it represents a synonym of natural product, of living product. This sediment, called vinegar dregs, is a biofilm produced by the vinegar’s fermentation, composed of a form of cellulose and bacteria – the beneficial sort – which transform the alcohol in wine into acetic acid.

All natural, unpasteurised vinegars may show the presence of this viscosity and turbidity in time. These substances are not found in industrial vinegars because they are removed for aesthetic reasons.

Give a second life to your vinegar dregs and use them to make your own vinegar at home!

MarketingDon’t let appearances lead you astray: appreciate vinegar dregs

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