Apple vinegar and cider vinegar: Are they the same product?

Recently, a customer asked us an interesting question: “Are apple vinegar and cider vinegar the same?” and we thought it would be helpful to clarify this concept for all of our followers. So, we explain it to you in this blog.

To begin with, it has to be said; yes, apple vinegar and cider vinegar are the same thing. The confusion often comes from the production process. To make apple cider vinegar, firstly, the apple juice must go through an alcoholic fermentation process to become cider. Afterwards, this cider must go through a second fermentation process, this time acetic, to become apple cider vinegar. In short, vinegar cannot be made directly from apple juice, it must first become cider.

At Badia Vinegars, we offer two types of apple cider vinegar: apple cider balsamic vinegar and unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar with the mother. Both have 5 degrees of acidity and are made with apples from Lleida, but each has particular characteristics and uses.

Apple Cider Balsamic Vinegar

Apple cider balsamic vinegar is made with the juice of apples picked at just the right point of ripeness.

This vinegar has a milder acidity than wine, with very balanced sweet notes. In addition, it contains concentrated apple juice, which gives it a sweeter, milder and more culinary flavour.

This vinegar, which is part of our Gardeny range, is perfect for cooking and providing a differentiating touch to our salads and dishes.

Organic apple cider vinegar with mothers

On the other hand, organic apple cider vinegar with mothers is unfiltered and unpasteurised vinegar, so it contains the mother of vinegar and does not contain gluten or sulphites. This vinegar has a dry, fresh and traditional flavour, a clear reflection of what our Badia product range is all about.

It retains all of the beneficial properties of apple cider vinegar, such as promoting good digestion, its antimicrobial and antioxidant effects, helps us regulate blood sugar levels and improves our cardiovascular health, among other things. This vinegar is ideal for those looking for a natural and 100% organic option.

In summary, although apple cider vinegar and cider vinegar are the same, at Badia Vinegars we offer varieties that suit different culinary needs and tastes.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet, smooth twist to your recipes with our apple cider balsamic vinegar, or prefer a healthier, more traditional option with our organic apple cider vinegar with mothers, we’ve got the perfect solution!

MarketingApple vinegar and cider vinegar: Are they the same product?

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