Vinaigrettes to make you look like a pro chef

Our bittersweets are versatile vinegars that can be used in a plethora of different ways, including the creation of different vinaigrettes. If that sounds of interest to you, grab a pen and paper, make yourself comfortable and get ready to take notes!

You could use our Riesling bittersweet to knock up a Mediterranean-style vinaigrette that will add flavour, colour and aroma to your dish. This vinaigrette is also high in fibre, which is known to aid digestion. All you need to do is mix the bittersweet with extra virgin olive oil, salt, toasted sesame seeds, lemon peel and a selection of different aromatic herbs. You could use this vinaigrette in recipes such as baked fish with potatoes; diced watermelon with feta cheese; pasta salad with broccoli and anchovies; or to add a special touch to your vichyssoise.

Our Merlot bittersweet can really set off the most daring of vinaigrettes, such as the brava vinaigrette. It serves to create a creamy texture that will intensify, maintain the dish’s heat and facilitate digestion. This type of vinaigrette is easy to make – all you need to do is mix our bittersweet vinegar with mayonnaise or aioli, salt, hot sauce and smoked red pepper. You could try it with potatoes; sausage and vegetables; crispy chicken wings; or your favourite tacos (we recommend prawn and vegetable tacos, but it will be equally delicious with the tacos of your choice).

You could use our Port bittersweet to produce a Catalan-style vinaigrette made with local nuts that will make any dish more nutritious and flavoursome while lending it some distinct toasted notes. Simply mix it with extra virgin olive oil, salt, toasted hazelnuts and almonds, sultanas and pine nuts and allow yourself to be whisked away by the unique blend of flavours. You could use this vinaigrette in carrot cakes or in savoury dishes such as goat’s cheese salad with carquinyols and quince; courgette and tomato carpaccio; or a red fruit salad served with vanilla ice cream. You’ll be amazed by the result!

Our Orange honey bittersweet can be used to make a vinaigrette with seasonal fruits and digestive spices. Just mix it together with extra virgin olive oil, seasonal fruit juices (orange, mandarin, pear, apple, melon, etc.), cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg powder. We suggest using it in dishes such as chicken and vegetables; fresh pasta with parmesan cheese and sautéed tomato, pepper, mushrooms and diced seasonal fruit; oatmeal biscuits with fruit; or salmon tartare.

With these ideas, you’ll be able to impress your guests with just four types of bittersweet vinegar. By using them in your cooking, you’ll make each meal a true gastronomic experience that will awaken each of the five senses.

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