Orange blossom condiment

2 families, 5 generations, a new bittersweet…

The names Badia and Alemany have been synonymous with vinegar and honey for more than a hundred years now. At present the two families have continued the tradition for 5 generations and have dedicated ourselves to producing high-quality artisan products. Our experience and know-how have allowed us to work together to produce this new and surprising bittersweet dressing.


Endives, orange and walnuts.
Courgette carpaccio, Parmesan and pine nuts.

Salmon tartare with avocado and sliced almonds.
Grilled hake with garlic and chili pepper.

Orange sesame chicken.
Sirloin steak and veggie skewers.

Sautéed apples.
Marinated pineapple and strawberries.

Especially recommended with: dried fruit and cheese salads.

= Presentation =
Crystal bottle: 40 and 250 ml
PET bottle: 2 and 5 liters

Tasting notes

Fruity, exquisitely sweet and full of nuances, it perfectly maintains the qualities of its ingredients

Made with organic muscat wine and orange blossom honey

The combination of muscat grape and orange blossom honey has proved to be a perfect union not only because of its common Mediterranean origin but also because of the harmony of aroma and flavor -floral and citrus notes that remind us of the orange blossom- that both ingredients add to the final product. A new intense and persistent vinegar with a lot of personality that can be used in a wide range of gastronomic activities.

Discover how you can use this bittersweet condiment

Samuel BoucherOrange blossom condiment