Bittersweet of Porto

A magical blend

Made at our vinegar factory with Port wine aged four years in French oak barrels. The resulting vinegar is a delicious blend of light acetic notes along with the most characteristic aromas of Port wines.


ideal for vinaigrettes to accompany pasta or vegetable dishes.
For the most daring cooks, we recommend making a sauce to accompany a fillet steak. You can also make a chilled cherry marinade to serve later with a terrine of foie gras. And a great combination can be found, of course, by playing with chocolate and making Port wine bittersweet and cocoa bonbons or creams.

= Presentation =
40 ML, 375 ML, 5 L (HORECA)

Tasting notes

It evokes liqueur cherries with notes of coffee and sweet sensations, remainding us of wines with tradition. Medium sweet (but with character), fresh and above all very tasty.

Made with Port wine

This is one of the most groundbreaking creations in the world of vinegar. Wine and, as a result, vinegar are one of the oldest foodstuffs of humankind. And Port wine is one of the most historical examples, so much so that it has its own special bottle, as happens in the most important appellations in the wine industry. Tawny Port wine, which is the base for our Port wine bittersweet, is certified and has been made in Portugal by one of the most revered winemaking families since 1738.

SamuelBittersweet of Porto