Bittersweet of Riesling

Exquisite elegance

Vinegar made from Riesling wine from Lonsheim (VDP Rheinhessen, Germany), very elegant and delicate; it has fruity notes, a delicate acidity, and a silky body. 12 months in French oak gives it subtle toasted notes and a very balanced structure.


pineapple | pear | tropical fruit salads

Because of its versatility, it goes well with tropical fruit salads, rockfish (such as mullet) marinades or even to give a modern touch to some fruit desserts such as pineapple carpaccio.

Especially recommended: drizzled over pineapple carpaccio

= Presentation =
Glass bottle: 40 and 375 ml
PET Carafe: 2 and 5 litres

Tasting notes

Light notes of exotic fruits (pineapple and mango) with other citrus notes. It has a very pleasant and complex taste.

Made with Riesling grape wine

Its delicate fruity aroma and balanced sweet flavour come from the Riesling grape, one of the most subtle, which we personally select from a family winery on the cold and steep slopes of the Rhine river in Germany. This very soft and velvety vinegar offers an endless range of very elegant nuances.

Samuel BoucherBittersweet of Riesling