Sherry vinegar DOP

Ole! The Andalusian flavour

Vinegar made by selecting the best wines from Jerez de la Frontera. After aging the wine in American oak casks, the sherry vinegar is obtained with its distinctive colour, flavour and aroma.


fried fish | gazpacho

Use our sherry vinegar to prepare an authentic Andalusian gazpacho or to very lightly dress small fish fry.

An essential ingredient for making mayonnaises and sauces such as the Bilbao-style sauce.

= Presentation =
Crystal bottle: 40, 250 and 500 ml
PET bottle: 2 and 5 liters

Tasting notes

Deep notes of salted almonds, yeast and an aroma reminiscent of liquorice.

Made with wines from Jerez de la Frontera

Its wealth of aromas and unmistakable intense flavour means that this vinegar is unique and special because of its personality. Made only with wines from PDO Jerez, it acquires its characteristics from the 6-month ageing process in American oak sherry casks, using the criadera and solera system, the oldest and most traditional system we know of.

Samuel BoucherSherry vinegar DOP