Fruit salad with Orange blossom honey condiment

:: Ingredients for 2-3 servings ::

1 persimmon
1 orange
1 crispy and sweet variety of apple, Fuji, Red or Pink Lady type
Half a pomegranate
A tablespoon of orange blossom jam
Castell de Gardeny orange blossom honey bittersweet
Fresh mint leaves

:: Preparation ::

To make this fruit salad, begin by peeling and cutting the fruit in different ways. Cut, for instance, the persimmon into half slices and the apple into small cubes. Supreme the orange, that is, remove not only the zest but also the membrane surrounding the pulp, and then cut into segments or into half slices. Seed the pomegranate. Arrange the fruit on a platter by combining different cuts, and dress with a drizzle of honey and Castell de Gardeny Bittersweet. Finally, decorate the platter with fresh mint leaves.

Try also serving this dessert in a glass bowl, cutting the fruit into very small pieces.

Original recipe created by Anna from the culinary blog

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Samuel BoucherFruit salad with Orange blossom honey condiment